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10 Gorgeous Pastel Pink Hairstyles and Hair Colors

Pastel Pink Hairstyles

Well, some of these looks are funky, while others are rather exquisite and can be pulled by anyone who desires a creative but appropriate-looking hair color on the base of their natural hair shades. The latter options include such hair color ideas as, for instance, subtle rosewood highlights for brown hair, strawberry blonde hair with darkened roots, platinum hair with strawberry blonde highlights, very light pastel pink ombre for blonde hair, etc.

#1: Lovely Mermaid Hair

Check out this light, wavy hairstyle. Beautiful strands of hair fall down the back like a waterfall, and the pastel pink hair dye even enhances the fairy-tale-like feel of this ethereal hairstyle. There are subtle hints of peach and lavender which give the color some iridescent glow.

long wavy pastel pink ombre hairstyle

#2: Pretty Peachy Highlights

These pinky, peach-colored highlights look soft yet bright enough in contrast to the dark brown base. The overall color won’t require a lot of upkeep – you may only want to re-fresh the hue as it is fading with time, or substitute it with another pastel tone of your choice.

brown hair with rosewood highlights

#3: Beautiful Purple Fade

Purple and pastel pink hair color swirl and melt together fantastically in this sweet hairstyle. Even though the hair is cut medium length, you still have enough length for an awesome ombre effect from dark roots to light ends.

brown hair with rosewood highlights

#4: Sweet Layered Bob

This super cute hairstyle is sassy and chic. Straight strands are ironed out to the sleek perfection. We love the pale peach tones that mix in with the pastel pink hair highlights. Thick bangs frame the face nicely and add a bit of drama to this tender-looking hairstyle.

pastel pink bob with darkened roots

#5: Hide and Seek Pastel Waves

Pastel pink pairs well with lavender and blue. Choose one of these colors as a base and introduce others as complimenting shades. Here is an example of the light fuschia color covering up the light blue purple hue underneath.

pastel pink hair with blue and lavender underlayer

#6: Perfect in Pastels

This awesome hair color takes a pastel pink shade to the next level! The color is vibrant all the way through and, maybe, just a little lighter on the tips but the effect is very subtle. The pretty pink shade flatters the girl’s skin tone, and she aptly compliments her look with the pastel-colored glasses.

long layered pastel pink hair

#7: Strawberry Dream

Pastel pink hair dye can be an upgrade idea for light blonde strands if you want to achieve a gorgeous, creamy hue. These locks look like candy, so sweet, pretty and unique they are. If you want to know how to get sweet pink hair you will want to see a professional colorist who knows how to lighten your hair as much as possible before applying any permanent or temporary pastel pink color.

creamy blonde hair color with pastel pink roots

#8: Rainbow Ribbons of Color

This is a really cool hairstyle, and it can be achieved with a temporary hair color. Pastel pink chalk is pulled through strands to create ribbons of different hues throughout this mane of super blonde locks. The combination of pink, turquoise, and purple is really great with the blonde base!

long blonde hairstyle with pastel highlights

#9: Dusting of Color

This short hairstyle is layered perfectly to show off the chunky pieces of the flamingo pink pastel shade. The locks are ironed out sleek and straight with a slight flick on the ends to accentuate the layers.

blonde bob with flamingo pink highlights

#10: Ripple Effect of Pastel Pink Highlights

This long, sassy hairstyle features pale pink beachy waves that look great on brown hair. As you see, pink pastel hair shade doesn’t have to be a solid color. The roots can be your natural brown hair color and the ends would be teased with some delicate peach undertones. The highlights are brushed on softly so there isn’t a harsh line but more of a soft blur where the two colors meet.

brown hair with pastel pink ombre highlights


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