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10 Mermaid Hair Ideas

Mermaid Hair Ideas

Expertly dyed mermaid hair is a feast for the eyes. Below you will find very soft and delicate versions of multi-tone pastel hair as well as bright and bold hair color solutions.

#1: Fantastical Hues and Curls

The overall success of this look owes to a few key elements. The hair was dyed darker at the top. A variety of soft contrasting colors was chosen. Plus, every single color goes good with gray. (The gray ends are what tie it all together). Warning, this isn’t one we recommend for DIY!

Long Pastel Mermaid Hair

#2: Pastel Periwinkle and Platinum Locks

To get this mermaid hair color, start off with super light locks. At home, you can easily add pastel hues that will fade nicely. To pastelize any vegan hair dye, simply mix it with equal parts of creamy white conditioner. Section off hair and randomly paint the colors on with a tint brush.

Platinum And Lavender Hair Color Idea

#3: Uniquely Contrasting Colors

Clearly the work of a color expert, this complicated style is so gorgeous. It’s proof that anything goes. You do not have to stick to obvious color choices! For this look, each chunk of hair is treated individually.

Rainbow Lob With Bangs

#4: Pastel Retro Glam

We love, love, love the retro curls. To get the color, chose a pastel purple with a gray tint and a soft aqua for the highlights. Because the shades are similar, you don’t need to use foil or worry about bleeding. The purple is applied first, leaving sections blond for the blue to be worked through afterwards.

Lavender And Mint Hair Color

#5: Friendship Bracelet Braid

Mermaid hair color is all about fun. When you’ve got colorful strands, they become like accessories, turning any hairstyle under the sun into a special adornment. Choose a variety of shades that look beautiful next to each other and apply them on thin, small sections of hair. Braided up-dos will never be the same.

Black Hair With Rainbow Highlights

#6: Teal to Acid Yellow Ombre

This is so amazing we can hardly stand it. If you have dark hair to begin with and want to know how to get colorful hair that doesn’t look like a wig, choose an ombre solution where you keep your natural hair color (or a shade close to it) at the roots and then go as bright as you wish through the length.

Blue Green And Yellow Ombre

#7: Aquamarine with Chic Roots

You know the whole grown out root trend? You can be more than just grateful that the trend exists (if you’re already in the grow-out phase). You can also actively seek the trend out, because hey, it exists for a reason. Just be sure when going for different colored roots and ends that the choices are a logical progression.

Blue And Teal Hair Color

#8: Sleek Sunset Perfection

The vibe of this mermaid ombre hair is absolutely 60s mod. The perfectly blunt cut and straight strands are what allow the colorful transition to truly shine. With a look this bright, you’d be surprised how versatile it can be. You can rock any neutral outfit with way more style.

Pink And Orange Straight Hair

#9: Vibrant Girly Tones

Isn’t it great to be a girl? If you never got over your love of purple and pink, don’t start now. Instead, your fave colors can be with you all day. But let’s be honest. Extensions are the reality for most girls who want long colored hair. Take them to your stylist or dye them yourself for ultra-flowy locks.

Blue And Pink Hair Color

#10: Autumn-Inspired Voluminous Hair

Umm, is she actually under water right now? Because wow. This is the epitome of fantasy hair. Vibrant orange and understated red are styled to flowy perfection. Note how the orange transitions higher up around the face to bring out the color of her eyes.

Burgundy And Orange Balayage Hair


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