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‘‘Buhari Is An Uneducated Leader’’ – Actress Blasts Mr President


Following the announcement of a new pump price of petrol which the Federal Government assure will not surpass N145, several many Nigerians have taken to their social media pages to cry out on the added hardship the new development will cause.

Actress Georgina Onuoha was not left out of the ‘wailers’ as she took to her Instagram page to who took to her Instagram page to put the president on full blast.

Read her post below:

Nigeria deregulates downstream oil sector, petrol to sell for about N145 a litre from 87 naira.
#change you voted for
#Change you believed in
#Civil servants not paid in months
#Inflation rising
#No wage increase
#No electricity
#No fuel/gas in an oil producing country
# And the youths are silent
#My Frozen generation
#My tribalist country
#Innocent citizens dying in North-East
#When do we begin to tell ourselves the honest truth?
#These men overthrew governments in their 20’s and early 30’s
# Today 30 something year old Nigerians of today are either
uneducated, lives with parent, educated with no job or can’t even
start a family of their own!
# Four year college; you spend 6-7 years
# All their kids are schooling in London
# Why won’t they become terrorist?
# Why won’t they kidnapped?
# why won’t they bomb pipelines
# Why won’t they do internet scam?
# When they can’t put food on their tables
#While their elected representatives that are meant to serve them
live in multiple million dollars mansions, drive expensive cars and
allocate the nations wealth to themselves!
#When is enough enough?
#What is the way forward
#A 70 something year old man, uneducated running a country filled
with bright stars in a 21st century economy ��
# How do you fight corruption or corrupt system that you helped
create in 1983? When you overthrew a democratically elected
# Why are we so dumb to believe same old fraudsters and con
artist ?
# Are we as a people so gullible?
# wolves in sheep clothing
# Dictators in civilian clothes
#Words fail me.
#I cry for my country
# I’m praying for my country
# I will fight for my country’s glory
# SpeakupNigerians

 Source: gossipmill.com


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