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Bulldog on the move to Explain Sarkodie’s ‘Pro Bono’ line in #Kanta


Ever since Sarkodie unleashed his #Kanta reply to M.anifest’s #godMC, social media commentators have been sharply divided on how the BET winner used the word Pro Bono in his “See, I help you for free but efi ene ekono we working Pro Bono”.

Poet Nenebi has argued that even though the line was wrong, polishing it will have taken the soul out of the reply;

He wrote;

“People asking me to address the ‘Pro Bono’ line because I have been playing Sark’s defense since yesterday.
Why? Because of soul. Sometimes you say or do some useless shit when you are in the zone flowing. You can go back and correct it but sometimes by correcting it, the song loses its soul. Sometimes by over polishing art, it loses its spirit.”

Creative Director of Bullhaus Entertainment on the other hand believes the line is correct. He argued;

“So a lot of Ghanaians want to sweat the ‪#‎RAPGOD‬ over the use of the word pro bono.. Please for your information, when a word stands on its own, mostly it has an entire different meaning from when it’s put in context or frame of reference.
Sarkodie said in his verse and I quote “I WILL HELP YOU FOR FREE but FROM NOW WE WILL BE WORKING PRO BONO”.
Keywords: HELP and WORK
HELPING OUT FOR FREE is one thing and knowing the person can’t afford your WORK because they may be suffering, is another thing all together.
PRO BONO WORK is done for clients who can’t afford to pay because they EARN A LOW INCOME, hence the one doing the WORK does it for public good because they MORALLY OWE IT THE PUBLIC to give back.
As in the case of CHARITY, it’s NOT FREE, its a MORAL OBLIGATION.
All the #RAPGOD meant was Manifest is suffering career wise and is willing to do charity for him.
For all who updated an commented that he was wrong PLEASE GO BACK and LISTEN to that line and come and apologize to the #RAPGOD and forever hold your peace. lol
Manifest is a dope MC but SARKODIE UNTIL SARKO – DIES
‪#‎grateful‬ ‪#‎thywillbedone‬ ‪#‎killdemwithlove‬ ‪#‎sikanhyira‬”

On this, GhanaCelebrities Editor-Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri who has an extensive legal education and knowledge and sits at a good corner to explain the commonly used legal phrase-pro bono jumped in to say this;

Go to school small ah you no go go—read books too, you no go read. You don’t even know FREE and PRO BONO are literally the same.
And folks say what, he murdered intellect? Yoo we hear you.”.

Did Sark use the word right?

Credit: yfmghana.com

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