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[god MC vs Kanta] Sarkodie vs Manifest, Who is Who?

You have the chance to cast your vote between M.anifest and Sarkodie to choose the best rapper between them. Cast your vote now and leave your comments

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  1. Comment:Sark be ma paddy #sarknation…
    Silence Manifest

  2. Sarkodie is simply the best No Challenger .Manifest don’t even come close

  3. Never will sarkodie decline. God will see him true.

  4. Sark, no size! Masa Manifest go watch some Telenovela wai

  5. Sark, no size u r the king forever and manifest go get some ice cream bi then chop wait

  6. Jamaikan Asante

    Bwoy oh Bwoy sark and manifest both of you got talent but sarko is more talented

  7. Jamaikan Asante

    Sark is the man

  8. my friends ,,,u all lie ////manifest be the best …..

  9. manny the best indeed no bragging wow that guy is simply good in his track even he NEVER INSULTED but you can feel the heat that makes him much more wiser than sark who insulted and brag

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