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Make Up Is Too Much – Fred Amugi Begs Actresses


Veteran actor Fred Amugi has counseled Ghanaian actresses who spend countless hours on makeup when they are set to desist from such an act and focus on reading their scripts to give out their best.

He told MzGee on Let’s Talk Entertainment on Joy News that most Ghanaian actresses cannot walk without makeup so it becomes difficult for them to accept roles which do not involve the use of any cosmetic to enhance their appearance.

He said acting is not about looking gorgeous on the screens but executing the role given you.

He further complained about actresses going to bed and waking up in movies with “thick makeups” on. To him, this act is not a true reflection of what happens in the Ghanaian society.

“I will beg our actresses especially the modern ones. They are so immense in makeups so much that even when they are carrying a character that needs no makeup, they think without the makeup they will not look pretty but it is not about being pretty. It is about you playing what you are asked to play.

I don’t think if you are asked to play a mad woman you need that gorgeous makeup for that role.

I don’t think any woman goes to bed with that thick makeup and wakes-up with same thing It doesn’t happen anywhere. People know that they don’t do this at home but when it comes to filming we have a lot of problems.” Fred Amugi disclosed in a chat with Mzgee.

Talking about guys and their makeup, he said, “we get white powder and we are good to go”.



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