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Paa Kwasi And I Are No More In A Group – EnnWai Dobble

Dobble - EnnWai & Paa Kwasi

Weeks ago, the Walahi Talahi boys, EnnWai and Paa Kwasi off Dobble fame started releasing their solo projects to the world. Starting with Paa Kwasi who released his collaboration titled Alomo with Mr All4Real, Ofori Amponsah (Listen/Download song here), the other half of the group, EnnWai dropped his first single as a solo musician titled Give Thanks.

Following that was Nnipa Dasanni by Paa Kwasi who is currently on set working on the visuals for his High Lifesong.

None of the team members have publicly stated why they parted ways. However, in an exclusive interview with EnnWai, he tells us more about the break up.

  • Is Dobble alive or dead? – Both, musically, the group Dobble is dead but the team members are alive.
  • For how long has Dobble been dead? – Not long ago, this happened few days after we released our last joint work, Christy
  • What led to the break up? – For that i cant tell because we have both decided to be silent on this issue.
  • Was it caused by money, girls or difficulties in handling your brand? – None of the above but as i said, we have agreed to be mute on this.
  • Do you think there can ever be a chance where the two of you will work together? – Yes I am sure because as far as music is concerned, we are still friends who loves and supports each other.
  • How often do you communicate with Paa Kwasi? – We always keep in touch with each other. When i released my single (Give Thanks), he shared on his social media pages and the reversal, i do share his works on my pages too.
  • I think whatever reason that led to your break up is really huge because you guys were so much better together. Do you agree? – Yes we were so okay together but one thing is, we believe in our goals and we trust we both will be so much better independently.
  • Before signing off, I still want to know what led to the break up. – Well, as we keep growing, we begin exploring new things so its a mutual agreement to work separately.

Dobble released countless hits and performed on several big stages. Some of their hit songs include Walahi Talahi, Good Mood, Adiepena, Otan Ni Aduro, 1 Click, Only U, Guerro, Spark Ma Moto, Deepest Side (Ft Shatta Wale) What Can Come Can Come (Ft Bisa Kdei) among others.

They were on the path of promoting their latest single, Christy before the break up.


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